Washington Capitals 2018 Championship Bubbly

Washington Capitals 2018 Championship Bubbly


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Championship Bubbly

The Bubbly: A dry, sparkling white wine with hints of delicious green apple, juicy peaches, tart lemon, and stunning floral aromas.

California Sparkling White Wine
Bottled by Mano's Wine | Lodi, CA

Description: Hold this bottle high and pop a cork for every win, wherever you may be! Bring the taste of victory home when you’re supporting the Capitals. Grab this bottle for all things worth celebrating! C-A-P-S CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!

Production time is currently 7-10 business days.

This product contains carbonation and is meant to be stored out of direct or indirect sunlight in a cool, dry environment (45-75F). 


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