Kanbe's Markets Bottle
Kanbe's Markets Bottle
Kanbe's Markets Bottle
Kanbe's Markets Bottle
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Kanbe's Markets Bottle


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There is plenty of nourishing food to go around. Yet, nearly 19% of Kansas City residents live without access to healthy and affordable foods. Kanbe's Markets is on a mission to change that.

Founded in 2016, Kanbe's is a nonprofit working to alleviate food insecurity by making fruits and vegetables accessible to everyone. Its Healthy Corner Stores program works with over 40 existing small businesses, convenience stores and gas stations, located in neighborhoods where grocery stores are scarce. Daily fresh produce deliveries are starting to build an empowering and equitable future of food for a growing number of metro households. 

In partnership with Kanbe's, Mano's will donate 15% of sales from this bottle to the organization as we recognize the importance of giving back in our community. Help #GiveAccess with a custom Kanbe's Markets deep-etched and hand-painted wine bottle. 

Learn more at www.kanbesmarkets.org


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