About Mano's Wine:

Mano's is the industry leader in manufacturing and distribution of deep etched & hand painted wine for a variety of entities. This includes but not limited to, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Lakers, Pittsburgh Penguins, several state and private universities along with a number of Fortune 500 companies. Through this experience, we have developed an efficient manufacturing process and top-notch quality control checks which allows us to bring our best possible product to the marketplace.

As an urban winery, our process starts with our esteemed winemakers carefully sourcing the best wines from the finest vineyards around the world. Once the wines are selected, we ship the juice to our headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri where we  blend, age, finish, & bottle the wine to create the perfect selection for each palate. This method of wine making allows us to take advantage of the regions with the best climate and growing conditions for that specific year, which ensures our ability to create the highest quality wines. Our wine regions may vary year to year but the quality does not!

The Story Behind the Name:

When the founder’s father first laid eyes on his future wife, he was taken by her beauty, charm, warmth, and creativity, and exclaimed, “Man Oh Man!” She was affectionately called Mano for the rest of her days by her family and friends alike. Mano’s Wine adopted this nickname to embrace the spirit of Mano and carry on the family tradition of helping others feel special and welcome as if they are part of the ever-expanding, extended Mano’s family.