MU Tigers Logo Black & Gold Bubbly

MU Tigers Logo Black & Gold Bubbly


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Experience the essence of Mizzou pride with our exceptional collection of hand-painted University of Missouri bottles. These bottles are more than just bottles; they are a symbol of tradition, unity, and the vibrant spirit that defines the Mizzou community. With meticulous craftsmanship, each bottle is adorned with the iconic university logo, a representation of the rich history and unwavering dedication that Mizzou embodies. Whether displayed proudly in your home or shared as a thoughtful gift, these Mizzou bottles capture the heart and soul of the university, allowing you to carry a piece of the Tiger legacy with you wherever you go.

Blanc de Blanc
American Carbonated Wine
Bottled by Mano's Wine | Woodridge, IL 
11% ABV

About the wine:
Effervescent and elegant, this Blanc de Blanc sparkles with finesse. Made exclusively from luscious grapes, it boasts bright notes of green apple, lemon, and hazelnut. Crisp acidity and fine bubbles dance on the palate, leading to a smooth, lingering finish.


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