California Sea Lion Bubbly
California Sea Lion Bubbly

California Sea Lion Bubbly


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A portion of the bottle sales supports the Kansas City Zoo’s Conservation Fund, helping to preserve wildlife around the globe.

Blanc de Blanc | Sparkling White Wine

Bottled by Mano's Wine | Woodridge, IL 
11% ABV

Marine Mammal & Pinniped Rescue Project
Description: The Kansas City Zoo currently houses five California sea lions living in our sea lion habitat. Of the five sea lions, three were rescued and relocated here after being stranded in the wild and deemed non-releasable. The Marine Mammal & Pinniped Rescue Project helps to support the conservation of wile populations of marine mammals, including California sea lions, through rescue and rehabilitation, research and education. This project is a partnership with the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California.

Production time is currently 7-10 business days.

This product contains carbonation and is meant to be stored out of direct or indirect sunlight in a cool, dry environment (45-75F). 


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