Boston Celtics 2024 Champions 3L Cabernet Sauvignon

Boston Celtics 2024 Champions 3L Cabernet Sauvignon


Price: $194.95

Due to high order volume, Championship products do not begin shipping for 10-14 business days after order.

Introducing our exclusive 3L etched bottle, a stunning tribute to the Boston Celtics' championship glory, perfect for showcasing or gifting to the ultimate fan. This limited-edition masterpiece beautifully captures the team's victorious spirit in an impressive and collectible format.

Handcrafted Reserve: 3L Bottle 
California Cabernet Sauvignon 
Full Bodied 
Dry Red with a smooth finish
13.5% ABV

About the wine:
Mano’s Handcrafted Reserve is Cabernet Sauvignon from premiere wine making regions of California. Our California Cabernet Sauvignon is ready to drink right out of the bottle. A beautiful floral of black cherry and blackberry with notes of toasted vanilla and dark fruits and a beautiful pleasing finish.


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