2024 Chinese New Year Metallic Red Bubbly

2024 Chinese New Year Metallic Red Bubbly


Price: $29.95

Celebrate the 2024 Chinese New Year in style with our exquisite Metallic Red Bubbly! This limited-edition, stunning red metallic finish captures the essence of prosperity and good fortune. The eye-catching design features intricate Chinese New Year motifs, making it a symbol of cultural richness and traditions. Crafted with precision, this collectible item is perfect for gifting or adding a touch of elegance to your bar. Embrace the spirit of the Lunar New Year with our Metallic Red Bubbly, a cherished keepsake for a year filled with joy and prosperity.

Blanc de Blanc
American Carbonated Wine
Bottled by Mano's Wine | Woodridge, IL 
11% ABV

About the wine:
Effervescent and elegant, this Blanc de Blanc sparkles with finesse. Made exclusively from luscious grapes, it boasts bright notes of green apple, lemon, and hazelnut. Crisp acidity and fine bubbles dance on the palate, leading to a smooth, lingering finish.


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