Kansas City Zoo Collaboration 3 Pack
Kansas City Zoo Collaboration 3 Pack
Kansas City Zoo Collaboration 3 Pack
Kansas City Zoo Collaboration 3 Pack
Kansas City Zoo Collaboration 3 Pack

Kansas City Zoo Collaboration 3 Pack


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A portion of the bottle sales supports the Kansas City Zoo’s Conservation Fund, helping to preserve wildlife around the globe.

3 Pack includes 1 bottle of 2018 Rosé, 1 bottle of Blanc De Blanc California Sparkling White Wine, and 1 bottle of Handcrafted Reserve 2016 California Red Wine


Trumpeter Swan Rosé
Rosé | 2018 California
Alcohol Content: 12.5% 

Trumpeter Swan Restoration Project
Description: Trumpeter swans have been the focus of a massive restoration and management effort that began  over 30 years ago. Trumpeter swans have the lowest genetic diversity of any native waterfowl species, due to the fact that they were brought back from a minuscule population of 69 birds and an Alaskan flock that remained unknown for years. Release programs are even more important for this reason. The Kansas City Zoo participates by releasing some of the cygnets, or baby swans, born at the Zoo each year. Once the cygnets are old enough to be on their own, they are relocated to Iowa to be released into the wild. 


California Sea Lion Bubbly
Blanc de Blanc | California Sparkling White Wine
Alcohol Content: 11.5% 

Marine Mammal & Pinniped Rescue Project
Description: The Kansas City Zoo currently houses five California sea lions living in our sea lion habitat. Of the five sea lions, three were rescued and relocated here after being stranded in the wild and deemed non-releasable. The Marine Mammal & Pinniped Rescue Project helps to support the conservation of wile populations of marine mammals, including California sea lions, through rescue and rehabilitation, research and education. This project is a partnership with the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California.


Bornean Orangutan Etched Wine
Handcrafted Reserve | California Red Wine 
Alcohol Content: 13% 

The CREATE Project
Description: In partnership with APE Malaysia, the Kansas City Zoo has initiated a long-term habitat restoration project in the Kinabatangan rainforest of Borneo. The wildlife sanctuary being restored is the home to orangutans, pygmy elephants, gibbons, proboscis monkeys, hundreds of tropical birds, mammals, reptiles, and even more species of plants. This projects includes developing the local Sukau villagers' involvement by establishing a dedicated tree planting squad made up of local villagers. Local youth are also involved through participation in nursery care, tree planting and sapling maintenance. 

Production time is currently 7-10 business days.

This product contains carbonation and is meant to be stored out of direct or indirect sunlight in a cool, dry environment (45-75F). 


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